Blessed Trinity                   Meeting Night Moved To 2nd Tuesday
901 River Rd.                        Next Meeting - November 13th at 7:00 PM 
Greer, SC 29651           Blessed Trinity Catholic Church Lower Classroom

                         Our Deacon's wife Leonida Walczak, passed away on
                Sunday 11/11/18. Her funeral mass will be at Blessed Trinity
                on Thursday 11/15/18 at 10:00 AM.  The Ladies Auxiliary will
                be hosting a reception after the mass.  There will not be an
                11:30 Mass but there will be Eucharistic Adoration.  Please keep
                our Deacon and his family in your prayers.

                        November Knights Social at Southside Smokehouse on
                             Nov 7th at 6:00 PM was terrific. See Pics below:

                     Blessed Trinity Oktoberfest Friday October 24th,  Was Fantastic
                     Kids and Adults had a great time. Great Bratwurst and other German
                     foods and deserts.  Kids ate Donuts on string, dunked for Apples and
                     toasted Marshmallows over a fire and had Hot Chocolate.


                       Octobers' Social Low Country Boil at Ray and Trish Klimbal's
                         was great.  Awesome turnout.  See pictures below:



                        Ladies Auxiliary selling Religious Coffee Mugs for $5.00 each to
                        raise money for the building fund.  For specialty Mugs call Ray
                        Klimbal 864-525-0392.

                        Knight's Social was at Ruby Tuesday, on September 5th and had a
                        Great turnout.  

              Knight's Social is on Aug 1st at 6:00 PM at La Reata Mexican
            Restaurant across from Target on Wade Hampton.  Great Menu
         and lots of room for us.  Meet and welcome our potential new members!

              Knight's Social on July 11th 6:00 PM at Southside Smokehouse on
              Howard St. in Landrum.  Awesome menu selections.

          Knight's Social on June 6th at 6:00 PM at Dela Ventura Restaurant Greer               
           Mass is being said for Richie's soul Wed, May 23 at 9:00 AM at BT
Brother Knight Rich Godin passed away on 5/5/18
                             Please keep him and Georgette in your prayers.
                              Visitation Wood Mortuary Tues 5/8  6 to 8 PM
                               Funeral Mass at BT on Wednesday 5/9 at 9 AM        
                             Lenten Fish Fry Dinner and Lenten Soup Night
                          Lenten Fish Fry Friday - 2/16, 3/02, 3/16 5:30 - 6:30
                         Adults $10, Child $5, Family $25 - Stations at 7:00 PM

                          Lenten Soup Night Friday - 2/23, 3/09, 3/23  5:30 - 6:30
                         Bring a Meatless Soup and/or Bread - Stations at 7:00 PM

                           International POT LUCK Dinner Jan 26th was Great
                                     Food was from many different countries.

                          Knight's Breakfast Sunday Jan 21st after 9:30 mass.
    Funds collected to help Vincent Saldana's son Ricardo,
              $10,000.00 medical bills from a round exploding in his gun and
               seriously injuring his face.

                                        Knight's Social January 3rd 6:00 PM
                                            Wild Aces in Greer See you there.

                                    Keep the Tucker Family in your Prayers
                                Brother Knight Fred Tucker died Dec 11 2017
                                                Survived by wife Dolores

                                 Brother Knight Vincent Saldana's son Ricardo
                   was injured when his rifle blew up in his face from a reload.
                                    Surgery scheduled Wed Dec 13th. 
            Donations for surgery accepted - see Don Kontowski after mass.

                           Keep Brother Knight Phil Bianchini in your prayers
                                                       Get well soon.

                We had a great social at Satterfields in Travelers Rest 12 5 17
                                        No Meeting in August   
                    Knight's Breakfast Sunday May 21st was great!
                  Great turnout and Micky Mouse Pancakes for Kids

              Knight's Lent Fish Fry on March 24th was a great success.
                                   Good food and Great turnout!

                  Columbian HOPE Donation to Greer High Transition
                           Program by Don Kontowsky 1/11/17   $2,295

               Keep Phil Bianchini in your prayers.  He was being treated
               with chemotherapy and he is doing well now.

             Clair Paul is home now from a broken hip and doing well.
                   Brother Knight Mike Semones Rest In Peace 11/7/16
                        Memorial Service Saturday, 11/19 at 1:00 PM


                    Knight's September meeting cancelled due to illness.

     Spaghetti Dinner Friday September 9th, at 5:00.  Cost is $7 per person.            
Ken McNauton to your prayer list.  He underwent emergency heart surgery at Greenville Memorial Hospital Tuesday evening September 6th, and is now in the ICU.  Mass for Ken on Friday, September 9th.
       Sunday Religious Education will be coming on Sunday after 9:30 Mass in the fall.  Teachers needed.

                            We had a Great August BREAKFAST - Lots of people and we made $205 and with the 50/50 $45 we offset the $250 cost of the new outdoor
51 inch by 19 in 6 burner grill we donated to the church.  We used the grill outside to keep the smell of the cooking out side of the church during mass. Our Grand Knight Peter made awesome pancakes using our new push button pancake maker.  The food was fantastic.


                   Tim Guerin won the Father's Day - Fourth of July Bag

            At the June Knight's meeting our Grand Knight, Peter Pasienza, was
             presented with the following awards:

          Columbus Hope Bronze Achievement Award  104% 2015-2016
                       Distinguished Award Inter Council 2015-2016
                     Best Council Division I Inter Council 2015-2016

                Father's Day Breakfast after the Sunday Mass on June 19th

                    Dues were increased $5 to $40 in our May Meeting.
         If this is inconvenient for anyone please let John Heberger know.

                   Council Meeting "For The Good of the Order" 50/50
             Check out our calendar on the "Bulletin Board & Events Page"

Please keep Don Kontowsky and his wife Carol in your prayers,
          Carol passed away on Monday May 16th.  No details yet.

             Keep Ray LeBlanc in you prayers, he had a stroke and some
           blindness on the left side of each eye and lost peripheral vision.

           Keep Nick and Nick Gerich's wife Helen in your prayers, she passed
         away on Saturday, April 23rd.  The funeral will be next week sometime.

                  Keep Ruth Kennedy's husband Gary in your prayers, he had a
                                  stroke and has weakness on his left side.

                                                 No meeting in April

                   March 50/50 Collected $38  Phil Bianchini donated his $19

                   Welcome to our newest member Rich and wife Dee Swartz

                             Don Kontowsky won the Ladies Auxiliary
                                    St. Patricks Day & Easter Basket

                February 50/50  Collected  $32  Ray Klimbal donated his $16

                                 Completed Abortion Memorial
                                   with Fr. Jaime, Deacon Gary
                                  and some of our  parishioners
                       A special Thank You to Thomas McAfee and
                                         McAfee Funeral Home

                               Operation Hope Check Presentation
                             Greer High - 13 Students Participation
                                 Snow Day - No Buses for 5 students

                    Spaghetti Dinner set for January 22nd at 5:00 PM
                   Has been Cancelled due to expected ice on the roads.

                January 50/50 Collected $41  Ray Klimbal donated his $20          

                           Nick's wife Helen Gerich is in the hospital with
                           atrial fibrillation. Please keep her in your prayers.

                           Keep Patrick Boasi in your prayers. He has
                           advanced colorectal cancer. 

                           Happy Birthday Fr. Jaime Tuesday 12/15/15

                           Seminarian Fund Donations = $500.00  !!

                    Keep Peter Pasienza's Son and Mom In Your Prayers
              December 50/50 Collected $34.00  Roger Boisvert donated to
              Seminarian Fund

              Knight's Breakfast December 13th after 9:30 Mass

         November 50/50 Collected $50.00  John Heberger donated his $25

              The Spanish Festival was on Sunday, October 18th

              Our October Fest was Friday Evening, October 23rd. 

                   Knight's Breakfast November 1st after 9:30 Mass

            Spaghetti Dinner Friday, November 13th from 5:30 to 7:00

            October 50/50 Collected $19.00  Roger Boisvert donated his $9.50

              Low Country Boil was a great success.  We raised over $600
     The food was great especially the Jumbo Shrimp - No one left hungry!


           Fr. Jaime's 25th Anniversary Mass was on Wednesday,
         September 9th at 10:30 AM and we had a great Lunch
         afterwards.  Happy 25th Ordination Anniversary

         Congratulations to September's "For The Good of the Order"
               Bill Wooley was drawn for the $90 (Not Present)
           $18 Collected for 50/50 & Kenneth Clarke received $9.00

          Deep Sea Fishing Trip was canceled due to weather.
        Spring Tip is planned -  Captain Dick's day trip
          North Myrtle Beach Out at 7 AM back at 6 PM
          Only 40 seats available at $140 per Person
               Electric Reels available at $15
      Call Ray Klimbal 895-5444 for your reservation.
         Father Jamie Citizenship Celebration Breakfast
          Sunday, August 30,2015 was well attended.


                US Citizen Fr. Jaime - August 29th, 2015

      Thank you all for attending our Knight's BBQ & Pool Party

     Donate Non-Parishable Food to the New Blessed Trinity Food Bank!

            Call Ray Klimbal to the Update the Website- 525-0392 or rklimbal@yahoo.com  

               It is not finished yet - Gray letters are very hard to read.
                    The letters will be painted black in the near future.
                          That was the way we sent it in to be done.
                 Congratulations to August "For The Good of the Order"
                    Matt Degumbia was drawn for the $85 (Not Present)
          $29 Collected 50/50 & Phil Bianchini donated $14.50 from 50/50          

                 Congratulations to July's "For The Good of the Order"
                      Bill Wooley was drawn for the $80 (Not Present)
           $32 Collected 50/50 & Ray Klimbal donated $16.00 from 50/50  

                 Father's Day Breakfast on June 21st Was Fantastic
             A Special Thank you to Donna and the Ladies Auxilary

Pulled Pork Sandwich Event Postponed
                    May have six Gallon Containers of BBQ for sale.
                       Congratulations to June's "For the Good of the Order"                                         Patrick D Robison was drawn for $75 (Not Present)                       

                       Congratulations to May's "For The Good Of The Order"
                           Vincent Saldana was drawn for $70 (Not Present)
                     $27 Collected John Heberger donated $13.50 from 50/50
                                        Thank you for the Birthright gifts.
                                  Birthright collection ended Sunday May 31st

                           May Birthright Items Needed
                               0-3 month sleepers, boys and girls
                               3-6 month sleepers boys and girls
                               Receiving blankets
                               Bath towels
                               Bath shampoo/wash
                               Pacifiers (new)
                               Baby bottles (new-small and large)
                               Infant board books
                               Infant toys (new -tethers, rattles, etc.)
                               Maternity clothes       

                                            Ladies Auxiliary Events
                        Saturday, May 2nd:  Anna Shelton Creation Station
                                     Located at Train Depot in Greer
                          Shifts 10:45AM to 1 PM
& 1PM to 3:15PM

                       May 2nd & May 3rd Blessed Trinity Plant Sale
              Please drop off plants before the 5 PM or the 9:30 AM Mass

               Saturday, May 9th:  Blessed Trinity Yard Sale 8 AM to Noon
                       Drop off:  Thursday, May 7th from 4 to 6 PM
                                         Friday, May 8th from 3 to 6:30 PM
                               Do not place items outside doors at church.

                      Questions: Call Trish Klimbal at 895-5444 or 517-9594

                    Congratulations to April's "For the Good of the Order"
                              Bill Wynn was drawn for $65 (Not Present)
                          $22 Collected - Roger Boisvert donated his $11.00

                              Pig Roast Sunday, April 19th was a great success!

                           Doris Carpenter passed away April 14, 2015
                           Funeral Mass was on Friday April 17th at 11:AM
                                           See our Memorial Page

                        Congratulations to March's "For the Good of the Order"
                                Leo Kamon was drawn for $60 (Not Present)
                            $40 Collected - Roger Boisvert donated his $20.00

                            February meeting cancelled due to bad weather.

       We had a great fun-filled Ladies Valentines Pot Luck Dinner

                    We had a great Spaghetti Dinner - We made $266.00  Profit                                  
                        Operation Hope check ($2,295) Presentation to
                               Greer High Special Program in Jan/2015

                    Congratulations to January's "For the Good of the Order"
                            Derek Mudie was drawn for $55 (Not Present)
                           $44 Collected - Tony Sesny donated his $22.00

                          Memorial Slide Show was added on "Welcome" page.

Operation HOPE Goal is $2,700
  for 2016:

  85% Goes to Greer High

Catholic Radio Goes Mobile

Operation HOPE Goal is $2,600
 To Date We Have for 2015:  $

Amount        $   23.00  Donation
                        $  520.00  Mar 13 Fish Fry
                        $  405.00  Mar 27 Fish Fry
                        $  952.00  Pig Roast
                     $  1,900.00 Total

                                                               as of 13 Aug 15
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