Prayer Request


Pray for all our Knights and their families.

11/11/18 Keep Leonida Walczak our Deacon's  wife in your prayers.  She passed away on Sunday 11/11/18

10/07/18 Keep Sylvia Semones in your prayers
She is going through tests.

6/14/16  Keep Cindy Miller in your prayers - she is Pellam Village Hospital

6/12/16 John Heberger's brother Jim passed away Sunday morning in Rochester, NY.

6/4/16  Deacon Gary's wife is in need of our prayer's.  Our Deacon has retired to stay home with his wife.

5/16/16 Update Don's Wife Carol passed away - Funeral Mass on June 11th.
5/4/16  Don's wife Carol is in CCU on a respirator with pneumonia and may have had a mild heart attack.

4/20 Ray LeBlanc has had a stroke last week and has blindness on the left side of each eye and no peripheral vision

4/20  Ruth Kennedy's Husband Gary had a stroke and has weakness on his left side and is going through re-habilitation

4/20 Nick's wife Helen Gerich on a respirator.
4/23 Update Helen died - keep Nick and Helen         in your prayers.

1/1/16  Nick's wife Helen Gerich is in the   hospital with atrial fibrillation. Please keep her in your prayers.

12/29/15 Patrick Boasi has advanced
 colorectal cancer and was operated on.

12/7/15  Peter Pasienza's Son  Very Ill

8/16/15  Peter Pasienza In Hospital

9/17/14  Harry Demory's Hip Operation

8/24 2013  Jim Heberger/John Heberger's

8/17/ 2013 George Carpenter RIP

8/16 Elmo Neal

8/7 Ray LeBlanc

7/30 Michael Semones

7/24 Jack VanDenMeiracker RIP and all the families

7/21 Ed Godleske RIP and his family

8/23/12 Melissa Boasi RIP and for her family.

7/19 Deacon Gary for his back and his wife Anita who is passing out.

6/16 Residents of the Manning House assisted living including Frederka Easton

6/15 Ken and Tilley McNaughton in hopes that she is able to walk again soon and Ken's Arm heals.

6/14 Meghan Kamon daughter of Leo Kamon recover from auto accident.

Fred Tucker's Grandson needs your prayers.

12/1 Fred Tucker (died 12 11 17)

12/13 Phil Bianchini  Bone Cancer

2/8/18  Clair Paul weak from infections.

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